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I love playing and experimenting with new gadgets/cameras/technology etc. As you probably already guessed – I LOVE TO TRAVEL. My best qualities come out when I’m on the road. I have lots of energy and I’m excited to start every day. I’m slightly nervous and out of my comfort zone which leads to an odd sense of accomplishment at the end of the day. Travelling reminds me to be mindful of others and to be grateful for everyone and every- thing I have!

This blog is where I’ll be documenting all my travels. My experiences, tips, guides – must do’s & must not do’s and anything else I want to post! I’ll also be posting photography how to’s and recommendations. Up until recently I’ve only documented via picture taking. I thought this would be a perfect opportunity for unlimited shots at creativity. (And a great way to see self progression in the long run). I’ve always wanted to improve my writing skills so bear with me while I improve my writing skills. (Yup I checked, I used the right “bear”).

I decided on “Travels From Canada” as my blog name because I’m Canadian and regardless of where I’ll be in the future – Canada will always be my home – so wherever I go it’ll be Travels From Canada! Be sure to check out my other social media profiles which can be found in the side bar for more updates on me. Thanks for checking my blog out!

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