Everywhere you look, everywhere you look.


The most aesthetically pleasing city OAT ft. the most painful shoes I’ve ever owned…Who woulda thought Vans Old Skool would not be comfy to me 😦 I think they must be a size too small or something idk.

Anyways I went to San Francisco TWO times this year. Once at the end of April for almost 24 hours, and then again in December for almost 36 hours haha. All 50 hours spent in SF were in beautiful sunshine and bluebird skies! I hear that fog is the reg so cheers to good weather luck 🙂

In the three days spent in SF I walked over 20,000 steps each day. There aren’t many days in the year I get over 20,000 so well done San Fran. I mean how could you not walk everywhere in SF? Everywhere you look is so picturesque. You’ll miss all the good things if you take the BART or too many Ubers.

Most of the walking in SF for me at least had the Golden Gate bridge as the destination. I would start somewhere and make my way towards the bridge taking different routes. Some routes taking me through empty neighbourhoods (but still pretty) and some through very busy neighbourhoods (also still very pretty).





A couple San Fravourites:
>>Twin Peaks! During my visit in December, I checked how much an Uber would cost to go to the top – $4! Yes yes yes. (While praying I would be able to get an Uber back down after the sunset). What a view! 360 degree view of all things SF. Was a great spot to end a long day of walking around the town with. I could literally see places I walked to earlier in the day. It does get quite windy up there so remember to bring a coat.

>>Palace of Fine Arts. If you would like to be transported to Europe check this place out. It is also about a 40 minute walk to the Golden Gate bridge so a good place to start your SF explorations at. Would like to see this at night though, I’m sure it looks amazing lit up.

>>Ferry Building Market Place. One word. Oysters.

>>Union Square – especially nice in December! Felt like I was in New York City. Can’t beat a two in one!




There are still so many places I’d love to check out in SF. 50 hours is not enough. Next time I’ll rent a car or a bike and stay a bit longer. I wish California wasn’t a plane journey away.


Joshua Tree National Park
Yosemite National Park
San Francisco

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