why see the world when you got the beach

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We took a bus from Da Lat in zero visibility. It was pouring rain and so insanely foggy. Da Lat is way up in the mountains and we zig zagged our way down to the coast. This is part of our route…


Eventually we made it to Nha Trang! Hopped off our bus and our friend helped us find a hostel right around the corner. Score! I actually really liked this hostel. Our room had 6 beds in it but the bunks were very sturdy and there was quite a bit of privacy (curtains on all sides of the bed). Strong AC and our own bathroom! BONUS – it was less than a 5 minute walk to the beach!

Nha Trang was our last stop before Saigon. So we decided to enjoy the relaxed beach vibes of this city before we jumped into the insanity that was to be expected in SAIGON. The two days we had were VERY relaxing – we ate, went to the beach, ate, got full body massages, ate, drank smoothies, walked around, ate etc etc.

Some highlights –
1. We ate at an amazing restaurant called Ngoc Trai Restaurant. What made it so great was this restaurant served SO many dishes. Any Vietnamese food you were craving – you could get here. AND it was all done so well! I was worried that because the selection was so large – it might not have been as good but nope! Delicious! We went back the next night too. Actually.. I think we went their twice in the same day? I can’t remember anymore.

2. Another food related highlight.. don’t judge me :). I had a very different type of Pho here in Nha Trang. Our friend Vi is from a town in Vietnam called Pleiku. Every town/city in VN has their own ways of doing dishes. Or even specific dishes that can only be found in that region. In Pleiku the common pho there is “Pho 2 bowls” which literally means what it’s called. You order one serving and get 2 bowls! One bowl has the rice noodles dry with herbs and sauce and the second bowl has the broth and meat. You eat them together having some noodles then some broth and back to the noodles etc. I’m not 100% why this is done but it was really good!

3. On our first night we were exhausted and ended up passing out pretty early. So I told myself – I won’t set an alarm but if I wake up before sunrise (5:45am) I’m going to walk out to the beach because we were facing the east which means a brilliant sunrise was on its way. Guess what! I woke up at 5:30am. I was so so close to aborting but quickly checked the weather and saw that there was light cloud coverage – which meant the colours were going to look so gorgeous. So I got up – grabbed my camera and hit the beach. The city was SO WOKE. So many locals already out and about getting ready for their day. I was a bit shocked to be completely honest but I preferred this to a ghost beach. Totes worth waking up!

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