Vietnamese drifttttin ft. a scooter


This post is split into 4ish parts!

  1. Hoi An – Vespa4Life
  2. Adventure to see my son lol – will explain in a bit
  3. Da Nang – beach + beers + bars + buddha
  4. Central VN food = <3<3<3

Hoi An – Vespa4Life

So we arrived in Da Nang around 10-11am and took a 40min taxi to our hostel in Hoi An! Our taxi driver was so impressed Canadian Vietnamese people could speak vietnamese so well. He seemed so friendly but then after taking a few minutes too long to locate our exact address he left us on the street…hmm. Luckily we were only about 1km away from our homestay. We booked the cutest hostel ever! Golden Lantern Homestay. Boho tropical villa life but still very quiet and peaceful. Its actually a familys home turned into a homestay. I’m not quite sure how many rooms there were but it could probably accommodate 12ish? They also included free bicycle rentals and $5/day scooter rentals! YESSS finally – I’ve been wanting to try driving a vespa for a while.

Both Jimmy and I had never driven a scooter. We were both very nervous (I didn’t let myself show it because I didn’t want to freak Jimmy out). Somehow we both hopped on one each and literally after 5 minutes our confidence went from zero to a hunnidddd.
IT WAS SO FUN. This is a definite top memory of my Vietnam trip. We drove into the village got food then continued to get more food and went to the beach. After that we just coasted all over!! It was such a fun day.

Hoi An itself is a very cute town. Night time was so pretty – with all the lanterns everywhere. Hoi An also has many unique dishes. But the strange thing was every restaurant pretty much had the same menu. There are probably 6ish dishes that every one served in their own way. My two favs are Mi Quang (rice noodles flavoured with tumeric in a light broth with peanuts, shrimp, pork, cilantro, onions and quail egg) and Cao Lau (some kind of thick rice noodles in a sauce with bbq pork and veggies). Mmm Mmmmm Mmmmm Nom nom nom. One night after parking our bikes we saw a lady selling these two dishes in the street. Hers was easily my favourite! Went back the next night :D. There is also a really really good banh mi spot – Banh Mi Phuong that made amazing vietnamese subs. Got that twice too.. nope we had it 3 times in total. Eek.

The other thing we did in Hoi An besides scooter and eat was hit the beach!! This beach ties for my favourite with the one in Da Nang. The water here was clear and warm! Pretty big waves, beach chairs, food and drinks pretty decently priced. What more could we ask for?



Adventure to see My Son

Our scooter confidence was so high we decided the second day we would scooter to My Son Ruins. Yes it is a ruin. I don’t have a son in Vietnam – could you imagine – what a plot twist.

My Son from Hoi An is usually a 35-45 minute scooter ride one way but the road was very all over the place and it would be too hard to multitask scootering (scooting?) and navigating on our phones so we ended up hiring a guy that would lead the way. It also ended up taking us almost 1.5 hours one way. LOL. Had to ride home part of the way in the dark which was scary. All in all – My Son was ok.. The ruins were pretty amazing to see but the site itself was very small. There wasn’t very much information given either which made it hard for us to appreciate what we were looking at. We thought we were just beginning and then we were already back at our bikes.. anyways it was still worth it and I’m glad we decided to scoot there. A real example of “its the journey that counts, not the destination.”


Da Nang – beach + beers + bars + buddha

Our friend we met in Sapa lived in Da Nang for awhile so knew the city very well. Somehow our travel plans lined up and we got to hang out in Da Nang which was great. A local tour guide = the BEST food and a really fun time! We went bar hopping, saw some live music (vietnamese is serious about their screamo..), had a lot of fun dancing and being really hot & sweaty lol…saw a lot of people inhaling laughing gas balloons. It was great! We also hit the beach in Da Nang. Da Nang is a a much bigger city. Its quickly becoming a hot spot for tourists with many new hotels opening along the beach I’m glad we got to enjoy it before it becomes Nha Trang (more about that later). I’m not sure why the beach was so empty when we went. This was our last known beach day so we really just let ourselves relax and enjoy. Before hitting the beach we also took a GrabCar (SE asia uber equivalent) to a temple on the top of a mountain. Buddha statues galore. But its true – heat rises and it was soo so so hot up here.

Oh! On our first day in Da Nang – it was pretty much raining all day so we went to the salon and all got head massages, face massages and hair cuts. Woo! Chopped off a good 5 inches of tangled salty beach hair. All for $14 CAD.




Heres some photos of some of the food we ate.


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