floating in Ha Long Bay! bucketlist this


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Everyone’s heard of Ha Long Bay right? Heard of it but don’t know exactly where it is. Somewhere in south east asia. Well it is in Vietnam! Thousands of islands comprised of limestone in the north east corner of VN. Honestly one of my favourite places I’ve ever been to. The limestone ridges look completely surreal. Just never ending islands. It’s pretty amazing how all the boats navigate these waters so well.

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What we did in Halong Bay in 2 nights, 3 days:

  • party boat through the island – eventually docked a few times in the middle of the water where we jumped off and swam! So fun. I forgot what it felt like to swim in WARM water. Also forgot how salty the ocean is and how sticky you feel after haha. I’d take the salty ocean over the ice cold lakes of Canada any day.
  • kayaked to neighbouring islands – saw lots and lots of jellyfish in the water. Luckily didn’t see any while swimming but a couple people got stung. Eek!  Also saw a jellyman – (jellyfisherman? jellyfish fisherman? fisherman catching jellyfish?)
  • hiked up a limestone ridge to an amazing view point – this was a tough hike. It was so hot and the climb was pretty steep all the way up. Anyways survived and totally worth it
  • biked through countryside – loved loved this. Saw lots of goats and water buffalo
  • ate – duh. The food on our tour was phenomenal! All our meals were buffet style. And had a great selection. Major highlight – BBQ OYSTERS. I am maybe drooling right now thinking about it.
  • drank – Hai Phong beer and “Bia 333” nothing fancy but it’s cheap 😀
  • floated in Ha Long Bay – our villa thing had its own private beach (obviously being an island and all). Jimmy and I would just go out pretty deep and just float. The water is so salty we were extra buoyant. This was probably my favourite Ha Long Bay experience. I can’t really put into words how great it was floating in the ocean while the sun was setting. Blessss.

Theres so much more to do here – you can stay in this area for days and still not have enough time. I’d love to come back to rock climb and hike up more limestone mountains. More floating and maybe even snorkelling and fishing! Definitely more BBQ oysters. Pleaseeeeee.

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