OK ladies, now let’s get in flight status!

A blog post about Women In Aviation! Females pilots flying in Ontario, Canada.

This was a such a COOL experience, maybe the coolest thing I’ve done all year!


SUNDAY FUNDAY FLYDAY from Anne Chung on Vimeo. (I’m working on another video edit but heres a quick one I put together last night after the flight!)

A few days ago my friend sent me a message about an emailed newsletter she had received from Brampton Flight Centre. On Sunday March 13th they were celebrating “Women of Aviation” by giving free first flight experiences to women! The aim was to encourage women to consider aviation as a hobby or a career. As noted in the email, only 6% of commercial pilots are females.

Yes you read right – FREE flights! How awesome is that? I’ve always wanted to fly in a small airplane. First reason is that the window seat is probably every seat aka a great opportunity to take awesome pictures and second I am a Star Wars fan –> an X-Wing/ starfighter fan –> a fan of the cockpit view/scene. DONE! I signed up within seconds of seeing the message.

Brampton Flight Centre

So Sunday morning comes and we planned to go an hour early. After a late night, daylight savings time change, and a coffee run we ended up getting there about 30 minutes early instead which was perfect. We got in line, there were about 5 girls in front of us. We waited maybe 15 minutes, finished our registration and split into 2 planes. My friend Julie (who is well travelled and has an awesome blog –> Wander Beyond Boundaries) and I got teamed up with a pilot named Leili! She was super nice and experienced. She spoke highly of Brampton Flight Clubs school and the club itself. Her and her husband owned the plane we flew in. She made sure we felt safe, did all the pre flight safety checks and answered all our questions and within a few minutes we were up in the air. The weather was great, fortunately no rain and the skies were so clear we could see the CN Tower. (Which is approximately 40-50km away!!)

We flew for about 21 minutes and I think at 1200ft above sea level. (might have the altitude wrong). We flew over Caledon East, Bolton and north Brampton and saw Toronto, Brampton, & Mississauga.

Processed with VSCOcam with hb2 preset
You can just make out the Toronto skyline! My camera’s zoom just wasn’t strong enough.
Processed with VSCOcam with e5 preset
30 seconds of co-piloting!

It was an incredible 21 minutes and a great way of inspiring women to get their pilots license! At one point for about 30 seconds, Leili let me pilot the airplane! Basically just making sure we kept going straight and stayed at the same height but it made me feel like a co-pilot. It was a lot more sensitive than I would’ve thought! Definitely not like driving a car haha. You don’t have to control the car going up or down haha.

This experience certainly inspired me. I have definitely put getting my pilots license on my to do list. I’m not exactly sure when I’ll be able to accomplish that but the thought of renting a plane and flying around really excites me. I hope to make a blog post about “learning to fly” one day :D. Super grateful for Brampton Flight Clubs event and highly recommend their school.




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